Orbital Micro Systems CEO William Hosack to Highlight Commercial Applications for Space-Based Observations at NewSpace Atlantic Summit

Boulder, Colorado, May 28, 2018 – Orbital Micro Systems (OMS), a leader in space system applications and advanced instrumentation for small satellite missions, announced that William Hosack, the company’s chief executive officer, will speak about advances in commercial data processing and analytics applications utilizing earth observation information from space-based assets, at the NewSpace Atlantic Summit. The event takes place May 28 and 29, 2018 at Pavilhão do Conhecimento in Lisbon Portugal, and is focused on the impact of New Space technologies on various industries within the Atlantic Ocean region. Hosack’s presentation is scheduled for 16:30 on May 28.

In the session, “Space Infrastructures and Actionable Intelligence from Space,” Hosack will highlight a private-public partnership being implemented to create a marketplace of actionable weather intelligence sourced from a broad range of terrestrial and space-based observation sources. In addition, he will discuss short- and long-term impacts of this intelligence on industries including insurance, maritime and air transportation, and agriculture.

“Portugal and the other countries adjoining the Atlantic Ocean have unprecedented opportunities to exploit the vast amounts of earth observation data collected by satellites to stimulate economic growth and prosperity,” said Hosack. “There are many space-based assets operated by commercial and government entities contributing to multiple datasets that can play a critical role in economic development and security.  I look forward to discussing some of the latest initiatives in data science that will benefit both enterprise and government throughout the region.”

The NewSpace Atlantic Summit is organized by the Space Frontier Foundation, SFF, in collaboration with the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation, FCT, and the Ciência Viva Agency for Scientific and Technology Culture.



About Orbital Micro Systems

Orbital Micro Systems (OMS) specializes in the development and delivery of technology and data for space applications. With broad expertise in applied science, weather science and earth observation, instrumentation development, data science, space operations, and program delivery, OMS is positioned to deliver innovation to many areas of the aerospace sector. For more information about OMS, please visit www.orbitalmicro.com