Weather Stream provides detailed weather analytics combining weather and environmental observations, nowcast, and forecast to aid precision agriculture to maximize yields and minimize losses.   Monitor the soil moisture present in crop fields to understand how to irrigate as efficiently as possible and better determine long term crop yields.


Our global weather insights ensure that underserved and underinsured communities globally can access the help they need fast and accurately.  Whether you are a insurance underwriter, reinsurer or parametric insurance provider, our proprietary weather data provides the highest fidelity data options.  

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Energy and Utilities   

Our global weather analytics capabilities can help drive improved network operations through advanced warnings of extreme weather and improved forecasting of renewable grid output.

Federal & Government    

We supply research, technology, and data to our network of global partners through inter-governmental collaboration. 

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   Disaster Preparedness & Response

We can track tropical storms and cyclones as they develop, generating a full 3-dimensional view of developing storm structure to help predict the worst hit areas, before, during, and after the event.


From flight routing to ground operations, our weather insights can improve safety while driving efficiencies at all levels of the logistics chain.