Orbital Micro Systems

Orbital Micro Systems (OMS) spun out of the University of Colorado Center for Environmental Technology in 2015 on a mission to reduce the costs of satellite meteorology and enabling improved global weather forecasting by commercializing miniaturized millimeter wave radiometer technology.

Now a wholly owned subsidiary of Weather Stream, the mission continues to focus on the development and manufacturing of the Global Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS) family of microwave radiometer instruments. The GEMS pathfinder mission was the first commercial mission and only commercial passive microwave radiometer in space as a satellite based data service.

We are focused on the development of multiple microwave radiometer instruments for ground, air, and space based applications. We have also provided custom radiometer calibration hardware to Ball Aerospace for the Department of Defense’s Weather Satellite Follow-on – Microwave program and we are currently developing a custom calibration solution for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the Electrojet Zeeman Imaging Explorer mission (EZIE).

We’ve also worked with NASA on the Atmosphere Observing System, providing a full pre-Phase A study deliverables package in support of NASA’s Earth System Observatory mission focused on Aerosols, Clouds, Convection and Precipitation science. 

GEMS1 Calibration Chamber "The Freezer"
GEMS2 Calibration Chamber "The Beast"