Orbital Micro Systems Opens Office on UK’s Harwell Technology Campus


London, UK 27 June, 2017 – Orbital Micro Systems Ltd. (OMS), a leader in space system applications and advanced instrumentation for small satellite missions, announced the opening of its UK office at the Harwell Campus near Oxford, England. Home to the UK Space Agency and a growing number of innovative research and development firms, the Harwell Campus is the nexus of space technology in the United Kingdom. Through its Harwell office, OMS will actively engage with the cluster of dynamic aerospace companies in the region and help advance ongoing space- and satellite-related projects in the United Kingdom and European Union.

OMS is well regarded for its miniaturized radiometry packages for weather observation that address many of the size, power consumption, and calibration challenges facing space sensor operations. The company’s success has enabled it to forge strategic relationships with many of the aerospace industry’s leading organizations. The Harwell-based team looks to leverage many of these relationships through its participation in the Small Launch Vehicle Spaceport activity in Glasgow.

“OMS is excited to join the incredible Harwell Campus, and we look forward to immersing ourselves in the UK space ecosystem,” said William Hosack, chief executive officer of OMS. “We are eager to contribute our capabilities in earth observation and weather data science to this extremely vibrant and cutting-edge community. The Harwell campus has a unique model that draws both public and private support. OMS appreciates the ingenuity and innovation that happens every day at Harwell, and is focused on creating the bridge between socially-minded science and services that can improve the lives of millions around the globe.”

About Orbital Micro Systems

Orbital Micro Systems (OMS) specializes in the development and delivery of technology for space applications. With broad expertise in applied science, weather science and earth observation, instrumentation development, space operations, and program delivery, OMS is positioned to deliver innovation to many areas of the aerospace sector. For more information about OMS, please visit www.orbitalmicro.com